Our textiles custom abilities

The textile market is expected to grow at CAGR of 10.1% from 594.61 billion in 2020 to 654.57 billion in 2021. China being the largest exporter in the world was enjoying monopoly but the recent course of event – COVID 19 has attracted lot of demand in India and we are ready to grab this opportunity.

We have state of art facilities to supply of 100% synthetic textile made out of man-made fibre to various industries like Industrial Laundries, Healthcare Sector, Hospitality Sector and Government Sector.

The strict quality adherence in our manufacturing practices makes us one of the most trusted suppliers for any kind of requirement. Our robust supply chain ensures the product delivered with the best quality and in stipulated time frame.

Please go through the list of our product range in various industries :

Our Key Features :


Our in-house testing facility helps us to achieve high-grade quality yarns at minimum cost.


We can practically run any material, from delicate silk to high strength polyester or nylon.


We are competent enough to produce high quality embroidered fabrics for high-end fashion wear.


For the Knits consumers, we are a one-stop shop & capable of catering according to our customer's required specifications.


We are successful in producing automotive materials too.


With ample in-house resources for garment making, we take care of the secrecy of our customer's needs.