About Us

The wonder occurs when an experience of over four decades meets the innovative and youthful minds who are eager to conquer the new age possibilities. Cambay Industries is a blend of these desirous people who adapt to the challenges of future.

Our founder started his entrepreneurial journey in early 70’s with a vision to become a multinational and a multi-dimensional organization. With a passion to dream big and achieve big, we have diversified into various businesses from textiles to construction to food processing. Sustainability, Quality and Customer Satisfaction are three pillars of our success.

Technology is at the core of our manufacturing along with skilled manpower whom we constantly upgrade with trainings. We have state of art facilities to deliver quality products in all the businesses we venture into.

In Nutshell, we are committed to deliver
  • World class quality products
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices
  • Creating a domain of constant growth and innovation


Creating Happiness by curating value and quality in our products and services.


Become a diversified conglomerate with varied interests in food processing, textiles, construction, technology etc. by 2025.




Shri Kirit Patel, procured the Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He also completed his Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics from Gujarat University. He co-founded the Venus Group in the year 1972.

His philosophy is to explore new growth prospects and lead the business with constant innovation and integration of possibilities. He believes in instilling a long-lasting culture in business for developing a constant growth domain.

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(Managing Director)

Shri Sanjay Patel is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field of construction and construction equipment.

The perfectionist with a complete attention to the minute details of the process has garnered him the great success in professional career.

He is an innovator who believes in taking big leaps to get success in life

Why Choose Us



We believe that quality is the core for the success of any organization or a brand. Our thriving customer base tells the efforts that we put in maintaining the quality.



We believe that if we will not adopt sustainable practices our future is not going to appreciate us for bringing them on earth. Hence, sustainability is at the core of our manufacturing.



Innovative ideas are nurtured and curated for new developments of our business

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